Sat. 4/11 6:00 PM 60 Paluza
Fri. 4/24 8:30 PM The Homewreckers @ 4 points Saloon and Bar in Medinah

Sat. 5/23 3:00 PM It's A Birthday Celebration

It's A  Backyard Party.

Thu. 6/18 7:00 PM MHR School Party, EverGreen Park

       POC/Dan Roche


Fri. 6/19 7:00 PM Mary Martin's Birthday Party

Private Party

Sat. 6/27 6:00 PM Birthday/Retiremnt Party

This is a Private Event.

We will be Celebrating a Birthday/10 Year Retirement.

Hosted BY Brenda


Sat. 7/4 6:00 PM Brother Abraham's 4th Of July. Birthday Celebration
Sat. 9/5 6:00 PM It's A Birthday Celebration For Barbara Hicks

We will Be Celebrating With Barbara Hicks

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