Sun. 1/26 5:30 PM Bringing Live Music Back Too The Westside.

Looking for something to Do On Sunday Evenings.

Come out to The all Occasions Banquets Hall.

2163 S  Pulaski Rd. Sit In Welcome $$$$5 Dollar Donation At The Door.

Fri. 1/31 8:00 PM Friday Night Performance @ 4 Points. In Medinah

Sat. 2/1 8:00 PM Saturday , Night Performance At Frankie's Blueroom

Sat. 3/21 7:00 PM It's A 50th Birthday Celebration.
Sun. 3/22 5:00 PM 60 P . Band Rehersal
Sat. 4/11 6:00 PM 60 Paluza
Sat. 5/23 3:00 PM It's A Birthday Celebration

It's A  Backyard Party.

Sat. 7/4 6:00 PM Brother Abraham's 4th Of July. Birthday Celebration
Sat. 9/5 6:00 PM It's A Birthday Celebration For Barbara Hicks

We will Be Celebrating With Barbara Hicks

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